ISED Capabilities

The institutional capabilities of the Institute are defined in terms of its Programme Verticals. The key Programme Verticals are, Research, Development Communication, Advisory Services & Policy Support, Business Development Services and Networking. Under each of these verticals, various programmes have been designed and organized as follows:


  • ISED Research programme
  • Contract Research
  • Internships
  • Inter- institutional Collaborative Research
  • Programme Evaluation(international & national)

Development Communication

  • India MSME Communication Programme(IMCP)
  • India MSME Report Series
  • India MSME Darshan Series
  • Regional Enterprise Development Audit (REDA)

Business Development Services

  • ISED Business Development Services Centre
  • Inter- Institutional Services Collaboration
  • Business strategies

Advisory Services & Policy Support

  • CSR Programmes-Planning, Design and Implementation
  • Institutional Development(services extended to NGOs and Professional Institutions)
  • Local Economic Development strategies for  District Administration, Municipalities, and Panchayats
  • Policy Briefs
  • Annual  Budget Memoranda
  • Official Committees
  • Volunteering


  • ISED Small Enterprise Observatory
  • International Network on SMEs in Local Economic Development (INSLED-INDIA)
  • The Observatory Mirror



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