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The objectives of the ISED publications is two folded: (a) to disseminate the Institute's concerns and ideas, (b) to trigger debates and arrive at and enrich our understanding of the subject area. The Institute, over the years, has brought out several titles of interest to various categories of people. Most of these publications are priced. The title list is updated in the website from time to time. However, trade enquires may be addressed to the PublicationsManager. (Email:- seo@isedonline.org) Members of the ISED SEO are eligible for discounted rates on some publications. ISED has the following categories of publications:-

  •     Books
  •     Research Reports
  •     Policy Briefs
  •     Discussion papers
  •     Monographs


The purpose of ISED publications is diverse. Beyond an academic purpose, it is meant to be supportive to the regular functions of the Institute's Knowledge Centres. These Knowledge Centres, as part of their regular business, mobilise valuable knowledge resources and inputs, which emerge in the form of  data bases, research reports, policy briefs, popular articles etc. These varied knowledge resources are crucial in contributing to the knowledge base of the Institute. This knowledge base expands, grows and sustains on the basis of such a cumulative process. 

Thus, viewed from the critical vitality and inter relationships among different forms of knowledge, the Institute finds it important to have constant efforts of dissemination of its publications. 


Theme Areas

The theme areas of ISED publications, largely, but not necessarily, fall in line with the mandate areas of the Institute, and more specifically, the operational areas and scope of the various Knowledge Centres. 

The specific theme areas under which the publications fall, are both a cause and consequence of the ISED programme. As such, new themes and sub themes are added into the theme coverage of the publications from time to time. 


How to Order

Updates on ISED publications are carried by the monthly publication, The Observatory Mirror.

Those interested in such regular updates are requested to advise us to be included in our regular mailing list. Observatory Mirror is regularly circulated among 30,000 addresses around the world on a monthly basis. 

For ordering publications, one has to get full details directly from the Publications Manager. 

( Email:- seo@isedonline.org, Telephone number : 0484 2808171, 2808727, 2809884)

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