Cochin Declaration

While the concept of regional development is a fancy of many official policy documents, in India since independence, an operational agenda for local economic development is yet to come up

Local Economic Development Agenda

Political decentralisation is an emerging trend in most countries of the world today. But the ultimate purpose of decentralisation is to meet the basic economic aspirations of the people- ie. food, clothing and shelter.


In the agenda of local economic development, knowledge sharing has a key role. Research is the locomotive that can trigger the process.While the development experience is diverse across the world, and SMEs being a hugely complex subject

International Collaboration

INSLED-India is envisaged as part of a larger international initiative. Local economic development is a country-specific subject.So, similar organisations in various countries are expected to set up their own organisations, which, in turn, form part of an international platform.

Advisory Services and Policy Support

Advisory Services form an important area in which INSLED-India can contribute to local economic development. This can be regional, national, or international.

Private Sector Development

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises constitute the micro form of the private sector. It demands some capabilities and creativity with individuals, that can be translated into entrepreneurship.


Membership in INSLED India is open to all who are interested in local economic development and SMEs.Seeking membership, one should apply in the prescribed membership format

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