ISED Small Enterprise Observatory (ISED SEO), is a specialised knowledge platform on enterprise and entrepreneurship. It services data and policy analysis requirements of various development actors: the most respected academic institutions, international organisations, key policy makers and top decision makers in industry and finance and entrepreneurs. It is a monitoring system for business at the global, national, and regional levels, with a special thrust on aspects that clearly impinge upon micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs). From the usual figures of interest , such as production, sales, export, employment, location of units etc., it dwells into the wider issues of policy, such as, taxation, trade regime and barriers, innovations and regulatory policies. How does government policy change? What will happen to particular industries tomorrow? How does multilateral trade negotiations influence our MSMEs? What are the opportunities and risk factors in lending to a particular cluster/ subsector? What are the new and emerging MSME business opportunities in a particular State or region? The Observatory is platform that constantly seeks to answer several such questions.


The interests behind a knowledge platform is the people who would like to draw and share resources from such a platform. In the case of ISED SEO that includes, Entrepreneurs, Financial institutions, Public Promotional Agencies, Government, International Organisations. 

ISED SEO has been structured as a membership driven forum, essentially for two reasons; 1) The need for a platform for pooling together varied expertise and insights, that are  otherwise difficult to come together; and 2) The need for a common platform of people having interest in enterprise and entrepreneurial activities for varied reasons.

The benefit to members are in the form of; 1) access to seminars and conferences (at specific criteria) 2) access to publications and regular communications, 3) data support services, 4) assistance for preparation of policy briefs and special reports. 

Membership in the ISED- SEO is open to all who are interested in it, and do agree with its programme. Seeking membership, one should apply in the prescribed membership format, along with the prescribed Membership fee. For more details, please get in touch with the Co Ordinator (email:- seo@isedonline.org)

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Seminars and Public Lectures

Seminars and Public Lectures are important means of the Observatory for creating and spreading knowledge.

 Initiatives under this head includes:

  • Theme based Seminars
  • Public Lectures
  • ISED Annual Small Enterprise Lectures.

Structure and Programme

The programme of the Observatory broadly consists of two parts:a) knowledge creation ,(b) knowledge dissemination. Knowledge creation takes place through activities such as research, seminars, and public lectures,and knowledge dissemination ,through a variety of outreach programmes.

India MSME Communication Programme (IMCP) and its two products, ie., India MSME Report series and The India MSME Darshan Series, which covers selected centres of the country every year.

Seminars and workshops, international, national and regional, are an important vehicle for dissemination.

The Observatory Mirror, the Institute's monthly publication, is vehicle for ensuring outreach of the its work, as also for development communication.

Apart from these regular programmes the Observatory also takes up other activities from time to time.